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Slimminge Byalag


A brief summary in english

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Most welcome to our Slimminge Site maintained
by the non-profit organization "Byalaget" ("Village Society").

Slimminge is a very small, but lovely, village situated on the hills of Romeleåsen, a tiny ridge covered with green fields, meadows, grazing cows and horses.

Slimminge is mentioned in early scripts from the 15th century. So naturally there ought to be a lot of ancestors to former Slimminge Villagers spread throughout the world. We are eager to get in touch and share old photos, memories and letters.

Let us know if we can help you in your search of old relatives! Also let us know if you´ve got questions or if you are planning to come here. Start by mailing me, styrelsen(at)slimminge.se, and I will forward your mail to the one most appropriate.

You are also welcome to post comments below. (Ditt namn = Your name | Din e-post = Your email address | Ämne/rubrik =Subject Line | Kommentar = Comment | Then please repeat the letters in the flag above (a spam precaution) | Lastly click the button saying "SKICKA" which means SEND)

The Byalaget has published two books containg lots of interesting Slimminge images. The publishing group is very active and have access to a large amount of old images.
We are still selling the books so please let us know if you want us to send them to you (Books only in swedish).

Looking for archived relatives? :-)
Are you looking for ways to find records containing information on your relatives in swedish archives, the best place to start is probably
1. http://www.genealogi.se/roots which is an english version
of the swedish website
2. http://www.svar.ra.se/ (which is translated)

Once again - if you don´t find what you are looking for - let us now!

Share with us
Do you happen to have old letters or images from or to Slimminge related persons? Please let us know!
At the moment we are especially looking for old "America-letters" written by swedish america-emigrants.

A word about our association
Slimminge Byalag has existed in this form, since 1979. Anybody can be a member. Membership costs only 110:- SEK (2017)
The board consists of 10 persons and Maria Olsson Den här e-postadressen är skyddad från spamrobotar, du måste ha Javascript aktiverat för att visa den is chairwoman of the board since a couple of years. Take a look at the board here >>

Take the Slimminge tour >>  :-)
Be sure to view the movie on full screen! Here we go down the slopes from Kinkebäck to the old gas station in Slimminge. Yes it´s a Volvo.

Kommentarer (5)
Karin Andersson- Kommentarer
5 2015-02-15 15:52
Melody Holmquist
Karin Andersson,
Hej! I am a distant cousin to Lisa King in the USA. Her Great grandfather, Nils Tuffvesson was my farfar's uncle. Nils was Marten's brother. Nils is the one who brought my farfar to America. My farfar, Bert T Holmquist, was born at 20 Slimminge. I went to Slimminge in 1999 and was told the house was gone. My farfar. ( Swedish spelling) Berndt Tage Holmkvist- son of Marten Tuffvesson Holmkvist and Johanna Ohlesson. I would love to know more any records you may have. I went to the cemetery to find the graves and was unable to be sure.
I am planning a trip to Slimminge around mid summer.
I hope if I do go, I will be able to meet with you, Karin.
My understanding from Lisa you are a distant cousin as well.
I have met some cousins in Malmo, but they were under the understanding they were the only ones. They were my farfar's older brother, Axel's grandchildren. Since meeting in 1999 I have found other cousins in Bjarred, grandchildren to my farfar's sister, Thora.
I would appreciate any help you could give me.
Are the Slimminge books published in English? I would love to buy them is they are.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
tack sa mycket,
Melody Holmquist
Photo of Raby?
4 2013-08-25 23:30
Lisa King
I just found out that my ancestral home at Slimminge 20 is now called Raby. Is there anyone in Slimminge who could take a picture of it for me? I would be willing to pay for it.

Lisa King
Nord family
3 2012-08-01 02:26
Linnea Faeth
My Grandmother, Hilda Nord, and her sister , Emily, immigrated to Minneapolis, MN around 1906.

Their sisters, Selma, Maria, and Ingrid stayed in Sweden possibly in Malmo or Slimminge where they were born.

Their parents were Elna Manson Nord and Nils (Olsson) Nord.

I will be visiting Malmo on Aug. 30th and will try to also visit Slimminge. Is there a church with cemetery that might have Elna's and Nil's graves?
My great great grandfather Nils Bourkersson
2 2012-06-02 22:19
Dick Baldwin
My wife and I will be coming to Sweden in August, staying for four days in Stockholm and then driving down to Skåne for a week at Smygehamn.

Nils Bourkersson was born in Balkrakra, Sweden in 1825, emigrated to Utah in 1864 with his wife and three children. Returned by himself to Sweden in 1867 and wrote a book, 'Tre År i Mormonlandet.' He died in 1868 in Hylteberga 18, Skurup at the age of 43.

I've been attempting to translate his book into English, and would appreciate meeting anyone who has any knowledge of Nils and his family. Although I have been attempting to learn the Swedish language, I am not able to carry on conversations in Svenska.
Hurthig Tolserod families
1 2010-09-06 22:10
Lois Rightmyer
I am looking for anyone related to Per Hurtieg or Dogeberga Tolserod. Their son Per Ernfried immigrated to Canada in 1926 and I am friends with his son, also named Peter.

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