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Karin Andersson- Kommentarer

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Karin Andersson, Hej! I am a distant cousin to Lisa King in the USA. Her Great grandfather, Nils Tuffvesson was my farfar's uncle. Nils was Marten's brother. Nils is the one who brought my farfar to America. My farfar, Bert T Holmquist, was born at 20 Slimminge. I went to Slimminge in 1999 and was told the house was gone. My farfar. ( Swedish spelling) Berndt Tage Holmkvist- son of Marten Tuffvesson Holmkvist and Johanna Ohlesson. I would love to know more any records you may have. I went to the cemetery to find the graves and was unable to be sure. I am planning a trip to Slimminge around mid summer. I hope if I do go, I will be able to meet with you, Karin. My understanding from Lisa you are a distant cousin as well. I have met some cousins in Malmo, but they were under the understanding they were the only ones. They were my farfar's older brother, Axel's grandchildren. Since meeting in 1999 I have found other cousins in Bjarred, grandchildren to my farfar's sister, Thora. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Are the Slimminge books published in English? I would love to buy them is they are. Looking forward to hearing from you. tack sa mycket, Melody Holmquist
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Karin Andersson Tufve and Johanna Andersson
1 2016-03-06 14:12
Melody Holmquist
Hej Karen,
I wrote to you in 2015, but my understanding is that you lost your husband at that time. I'm sorry for you loss.
I am still trying to find out as much about my family Lineage Tufve/Johanna Andersson- (son) Martin/Johanna Holmquist-(son- my farfar) Bernt Holmquist- (son- my father) Clifford Holmquist-- (ME) Melody Holmquist In USA.
I understand from you writing to my cousin Lisa King- Her great Grandfather Nils Tufvesson was Martin's brother. I understand that your relative was Kerstina, Tufve's sister. How does your lineage go from there? Are you in the Sandberg line or in another? I've looked at the photos and I thank you for posting any thing about Slimminge No 20 for us. I see the farm that your grandmother and my great great grandfather Tufve worked at.
Is there any thing you would share about your lineage with me? How did most of our relatives die? There are one couple who both died on Dec 31st? What did they die of?

Any thing you would be kind enough to help me with would be great. I am on the "My Heritage" site under Bernt Tage Holmquist Sr Site managed by Melody Holmquist if you would like to visit and see what I have found.
Tack sa mycket. I look forward to hearing from you.
P.S. Have they translated the books into English yet?
Melody Holmquist

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